EQRoster v4.4.1 Released (Guild Dump & Magelo import fix)

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EQRoster v4.4.1 Released (Guild Dump & Magelo import fix)

Postby GamePlayHeaven » Mon Jun 14, 2010 7:15

Version 4.4.1 of the EverQuest roster is on the downloads page.
The following additions/fixes have been made:

Updated the Magelo import to support the current Magelo format.
This includes GLPs, Endurance, TradeSkills, Keys and some flags.
Note: Most flags remain non-working for now, as the magelo format has changed so drastically, that I can't tell which magelo flag goes with what roster flag anymore.

The Magelo format has changed quite a bit since I've last looked at it. A lot was still working, but some stuff was broken.
As mentioned in the history update, importing Flags is mostly non-functional right now.
I did look at it for a bit, but they have been renamed in the Magelo profile in such a fashion, that they are unrecognizable for me, in comparison to the roster flags.

Fixed the guild tool import (public note was moved forward, it's now before the guild tribute columns).
As mentioned in the history update, the public note and date format had changed.

Enjoy this new release,

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