EQRoster v4.3.1 Released (statistics sorting fix)

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EQRoster v4.3.1 Released (statistics sorting fix)

Postby GamePlayHeaven » Wed Jan 23, 2008 12:21

Version 4.3.1 of the EverQuest roster is on the downloads page.
The following additions/fixes have been made:

Fixed the Sort Order bug on the Character Statistics page.
The bug was due to wrong quotes in the Select statement.
Special thanks to Worff from Tribal Fury for helping me track it down and test it.

Fixed a bug where the PreviousForm setting wasn't handled correctly.
This one slipped in during the code overhaul, and I discovered it after clicking cancel on the delete character screen.

An empty magelo last name will no longer be imported over a filled in roster last name.
A filled in last name should always supersede an empty one.

Removed some redundant information from a couple of forms.
Some forms still had a Character=$strCharName in them, when the $strCharName wasn't even filled at that point in the script.

The footer frame should now load before the header frame.
I noticed that the body very rarely loaded before the footer. This fix should ensure that the footer loads first, then the header and the body.

Enjoy this new release,

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