EQRoster v4.3.0 Released (code overhaul, Magelo import fix)

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EQRoster v4.3.0 Released (code overhaul, Magelo import fix)

Postby GamePlayHeaven » Mon Jan 07, 2008 8:00

Version 4.3.0 of the EverQuest roster is on the downloads page.
The following additions/fixes have been made:

Updated magelo import, to support magelo's new way of connecting the last name to the first name.
This fix should enable magelo import once again for everyone with a last name on their magelo profile.

Upgraded all roster pages to include session variables.
Most URL parameters have been removed, and are now accessible as session variables. This makes the code much cleaner and easier maintainable.

Renamed all roster pages so they end in .php.
The .inc files where directly accessible, showing the PHP code. Renaming them to .php removes this possible security risk.

Updated all PHP code (style wise).
The roster was written using an old coding style. Because all new work is written with the new style, and I don't want to mix styles, I've upgraded all code to the new style. This includes simple things like if (condition) instead of if( condition ).

Fixed a bug on the User Modify page, you no longer have to re-login after changing your Password.
This bug popped up while testing the new session code, and was fixed shortly thereafter.

The body frame should now always be loaded after the header and footer frame.
As soon as I started using the session variables, the footer would no longer show until the full body had loaded. Therefor I rewrote the loading code of the frames, so that it loads the body last.

You have to delete all .inc files in the includes and skin directories, and upload the new .php ones. Otherwise you will have old/unused code cluttering your directory.

Enjoy this new release,

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