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couple requests

Postby wizeone » Tue Jul 10, 2007 15:46

first off thank you for a great tool, wish i would have found it about 10,000 hairs ago.. 8)

couple ideas-requests if possible:

1) can the batch import from eqplayers have a config.php setting on how many to import at a time.. ie in config.php $batch_import = 20 . after the first 20 get imported at the bottom of status page, process next batch ect ect. would help alot with the timeouts from eqplayers.

2) can you add all US time zones.. mountain zone is missing

3) is there a way to import aa's from eqplayers?

4) after setting Main: (charname) in guild notes, can anything be added after that and not mess with the import?

5) add Retired to title area

6) a users help guide. (not sure if there is a faq or help file arround somewhere that details 85%+ of what all the tool has and how to use it so the users can read and set their stuff properly.)

7) reading some posts from back in 04, was the probation-recruit added in? in guild tool do we just have to put recruit or probation in instead of Main: name ?

*end edit*
*nother edit*

8) any instructions or patch to have the roster use the logins from a phpbb forum?

*end edit*

thats all i can think of atm.. been drooling at the roster tool since i found it.. keep up the great work.


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Postby GamePlayHeaven » Wed Jul 11, 2007 14:18


I'm glad to hear you're liking the roster :)

Let me browse thru your list...

1) I was thinking of adding some way of updating that works date based. That way you could click import and select everyone not updated in the last day/week (for example). After the batch import freezes, it would just continue with the next player that hasn't been updated yet.

2) Is that the only one missing? I'll take a look at it, because I don't recall ;)

3) I think there is, but you must either have EQPlayers access and/or the profile must be set so that others can view the AA page. This one is also from the top of my head, but there was a way to do it for some players if I remember correctly.

4) Yes, you can add anything you want, as long as the config is setup correctly.

5) Good idea.

6) That might be worth looking into. A guide describing what they need to do (sign up with name main etc) and how to edit there characters. The checkboxes themselves should all already have a popup description on them.

7) any new member in the guild after a guild dump import (after the initial import) will be marked as probation (if I remember correctly hehe). Not sure if they get automatically marked as member... that might still have to be done manually by a roster admin...

8 Unfortunately no... It never got further then "some ideas".

Feel free to ask any questions/suggestions/requests you have.

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Postby wizeone » Wed Jul 11, 2007 15:49

for #1:
Internal server error

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but there has been an internal server error. Please click on the back button to return to the former page.

thats the error i get when trying to batch import from eqplayers after the 24th profile imported

#3 i have eqplayer access, is there a config.php value i missed to put in my info? it doesnt seem to be pulling them..8(

maybe the aa pull was part of the magelo part.. since eqplayers its on a diffrent screen-area??(same with FT and regen)

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