EQRoster v3.1.1 Released (Show Alts/Magelo Import)

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EQRoster v3.1.1 Released (Show Alts/Magelo Import)

Postby GamePlayHeaven » Mon Nov 14, 2005 5:59

From now on I'll copy&paste the points from the history link, and add some comments where appropriate.

* Administrators are now marked with a little star icon (on the Characters page).
People can use this feature in case they need to get in contact with the Roster Admin.

* A user will now always see all of his/her characters, even when "Show Alts" is not toggled.
This feature will remove the need to click the "Show Alts" icon, just so you can edit your own Alts.

* Users can now import magelos for their characters from a link in the footer.
This is helpful in more then 1 way. First of all you can import your magelo quicker now (without having to edit your char) and second of all you can import the magelos for all your characters at once.

* Fixed two bugs in the GLP magelo import.
The GLP nr capped at 127 (which was a database limitation) and the generated magelo code used different tags for the Leadership Abbilities.
This fix requires a database upgrade, so make sure you download and run the update_tables.php script.

Enjoy this new version,

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